This past weekend, I went with my big sister and her family to Williamsburg. From Sunday to Tuesday, we managed to spend a whole day at Busch Gardens, a few hours at colonial Williamsburg, and a couple of hours at Water Country USA! We stayed at my sister's timeshare, and I had so much fun watching over and playing with the kids. The trip was interesting throughout, and it was surely an adventure just getting there, even though it's just a 3 hour drive. While driving there, I managed to find myself behind an 18-wheeler, who's rearmost left wheel came off, in three stages. First, the outer tire rolled off the wheel, and veered to the right, barely missing a collision with a minivan, rolling off the road and up a hill, bouncing off a cork and then a log, and wedging itself between twin trunks of a v-shaped tree. A few seconds later, the second tire found its way off the rim, this time rolling to the left, across 4 lanes of highway. Surprisingly, it rolled across the lanes, missing every car that was in its path!!! It rolled down into the center median, where there was a water and sand pit, where it made a spectacular splash, sending water and sand into the air, as if a small meteorite had crashed into the water at an extreme angle. The 18-wheeler didn't notice his wheel coming off, until he was entering an exit ramp on the right, when suddenly THE RIM ITSELF DISLODGED AND STARTED TUMBLING ACROSS THE RAMP FROM RIGHT TO LEFT. By this time, all other drivers, including myself, knew to stay WAY far behind the damaged truck. As we watched the truck rim bounce into the concrete median wall of the ramp, the truck driver finally pulled over, as his trailer was leaning dangerously to the left in the rear. I sped past the truck, and continued on my way... we got to the time share mid-afternoon, went grocery shopping at the nearby Target, and then spent the rest of the day at the outdoor pool of the Kings Estate timeshare community, located literally 5 minutes from Target AND Water Country USA. And Busch Gardens. And 10 minutes away from colonial Williamsburg. The outdoor pool was gross and salty, so I immediately got out and rinsed myself off in the nearby hot tub, which was reserved for adults only. The hot tub felt very nice, and the shower at the timeshare was good as well, with nice water pressure and lovely temperature control. That night, I hung out with my sister and her friend, who also brought her kids, and we drank wine while chatting about life, sitting on the balcony as we listened to the fireworks go off in the distance at Busch Gardens, for their limited-time-only light show event, called "Illuminights". I cooked us a pasta dinner, and we all got a good nights rest.

The next morning, we went to Busch Gardens. It was extremey fun, although it was extremely hot that day, too. I rode the Alpengeist, The Gryphon, and a new ride called the Verbolten, which was kind of like the Flight of Fear, only better. All I can say is, LOTS of neon colors in the shape of tree leaves and branches in the dark whilst being whipped around in circles, left and right and upsidedown. Let me not forget to mention, it is a multi launch coaster, which uses electromagnets to propel the coaster through, picking up speed VERY quickly at each launch site. Needless to say, it was my favorite ride, with the Gryphon coming in at second place, as it is also fast, yet is outdoors. Two vertical drops and many twists, spins, and loops made for an exhilerating experience, as I felt like a starling, or a mockingbird, performing acrobatics in the air.

Aside from the coasters, we got to eat lunch at the dinner theater pavilion, where they had a live musical performance of Red Riding Hood mashed up with Hansel and Gretel. At one point, the wicked witch of Hansel and Gretel was chasing the big bad wolf of Red Riding Hood. Another point in the play revealed magical confectionary creatures, such as giant gingerbread men. Among the fray of characters on stage, there were about 7 giant teddy bear characters, as well as elves and fairies, including a fairy godmother character. They served german cuisine, sausages and scalloped potatoes, which sufficed for meal time that day. There were also water rides, which felt very good in the heat! The first water ride we tried was Escape from Pompeii, which is basically a mini log flume with a big splash at the end. We also tried out the River Rapids ride, where uyou sit in a 6 person innertube as it floats and spins down a waterway filled with choppy waves, water cannons, and waterfalls. We wne on River Rapids twice, the first time sparing me from getting soaked, which was fortunate, but really not, since it was so hot outside. The second time around, though, I managed to be positioned uner all three of the major waterfalls, effectively soaking me in water, and making me look as if I had just jumped into the water itself by the end of the ride. Good times!!!

The next day, we all got ready and headed out to colonial Williamsburg to visit the shops. We would have done more there, but it was even hotter on Tuesday than it was on Monday! So we basically just migrated from one store to the next, and then to a general store in downtown Williamsburg. Afterwards, we went back to the house and got ready for Water Country USA. We got there and immediately made our way to the wave pool. Spending an hour or so there, we were about to explore the rest of the park, when all of a sudden lightning hit, causing staff to shut down all of the tower rides and water slides. Ground rides, such as the wave pool, kritter korner, and lazy river, all remained open. We then decided to just leave and come back the next day. As we were leaving, the rain picked up, causing the park to close all of its rides. While walking to our cars, the rain got heavier and heavier, with each step we made, running towards our cars... by the time I reached the door of my car, the rain was pouring down in sheets, and it was pelting so hard that it felt like hail! I jumped quickly into my car, and as I closed the door, gusts of wind began to shake my car. It took 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot, and I ended up being the last car to exit the park before police patrols came to the exits to regulate the sudden burst of parking lot traffic coming out of the park and clogging the VA-199 highway. Lucky for me, I didn't have to endure the stress of that traffic, as my exit was literally two streets down and to the right! I met up with my sister and company at the house, and we ordered barbeque ribs and pizza. The kids then decided to go to the pool again, and I stayed behind, explaining to my sis that I was going to leave that evening instead of the next day, so as to avoid traffic on the way home. I managed to get home by 10pm, unpacked, did laundry, and promptly passed out.

My sister went to a timeshare owners meeting, and ended up upgrading her package to a full double apartment suite for next year. That's 4 bedrooms and two apartments in one building, all to ourselves! She told me that next time I can bring a couple of friends, even encouraged it. So did my brother-in-law! And she said we could either go with her family, or if we wanted, we could pay her for the week and rent the place out. Did I menton that the timeshare is only a half hour away from VA beach? Yeah, I'm planning a nice trip for me and my friends, pretty soon. <3 <3 <3

And that was my weekend. :) La vie est Belle!
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wishing well

future ambitions and topics of personal interest. and notes to self.

I've always been entertained and fascinated by taking pictures and videos of things I have experienced. One day I would like to have a decent desktop computer with good video and photo editing software, and two GoPro HD Hero cameras, and a 3d hero system.

of course, i would also have to look into investing in a 3d television system as well, but it would be TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Future Reuben, you must get these eventually! Or get whatever is current with the technology of your time. Oh man, the future. Well, to you it's the present. I hope things are going well!


I would want to obtain these things before I go on any international trips.

Consider this motivation to get a job, and for future Reuben, to keep your job, to maybe get another job, and to work your ass off at those jobs.


I should start thinking about just giving up disability so I can try to make an actual living wage. I need to find places I would love to work, and then do anything I can to start working at those places.

animal related jobs
photo related jobs?
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Recurring thought

When placed with a question of Christianity and homosexuality, there seems to be an unasked question, and a hidden answer and solution.

"The Bible only mentioned homogenitality (i.e. homosexual sex) within
the context of rape, prostitution, and abusive sexual encounters. For
more information visit


where you can read
my recently published study "The Bible, Christianity, and

in other words, I think that people naturally like to discriminate against that which they do not understand, and that homosexuals are the most recent of groups to be discriminated against. in the past, it was jews, muslims, blacks, asians, hispanics...
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I suddenly remember...

I suddenly remember when I got my tongue piercing... it was when I was 18, with a good friend, Tyler, in Ocean City. I remember finding the piercing shop, and we had to wait in line, while this girl got a clit piercing.

I remember the piercing not hurting at all, and going by very quickly and sterile. I then remember that we spent the resulting adrenaline rush running around the boardwalk and drooling a lot, and then we got hungry and got iced coffee and spicy crispy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's... which were the best and worst decisions of that day, because it hurt to eat that, but it was SO DELICIOUS that we didn't even care. The drive back was intense, and tiring.

Can't wait for this writer's block to go away...
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Did you know...

When I was in high school, I always thought I would have died by the time I was 26. Now, here I am, on the eve of turning 27. I have no idea where my life is going, only memories of where it has gone.

Life is turbulent. Beautiful. Strange. Unpredictable. Wonderous...

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My future

When I think about my future, I always come up with a blank. Things have been this way for as long as I can remember. It makes me feel like I am blind. I can't seem to grasp where my life has been, and I can't seem to picture myself in the future very well.

I have struggled throughout my life trying to figure out what I like and dislike, and I have spent way too many evenings and lonely afternoons wishing, hoping, that I will find my way...

I still have not found my way, I fear.

I've spent years with the wrong crowds, wandering through my life trying to find a place where I feel welcome and wanted. I have spent many years looking for a place, a group, a "clique", where I feel like I belong, and as of now, there are very few people who make me feel like I "belong".

I saw a psychologist recently, and he told me to write down a list of occupations that may interest me. I have thought about being a courier, and a pet groomer/caretaker, such as at a pet resort or a veterinary hospital.

I've taken a nursing assistant course, only to find, in the end, that I did not want to pursue a career in caring for people like that. I just don't have the drive, the passion, the desire, to continue along that path.

I keep telling myself I want to finish school... but in reality, I have had enough, more than enough, of schooling. The only reason I want to finish school is so that I have a degree, which would open up doors to many other occupations, which would otherwise be unavailable to someone without some sort of degree.

I just feel lost, still. I feel "home"less. I feel like a lost wanderer, who's soul is too pitiful to save. But I know I belong. I have wonderful friends, and a supportive family... I just can't figure out what I want to do with my life, which makes me feel worthless and unloveable.

And so, I feel unfulfilled, unmotivated.

I wish I could figure out myself, and figure out a way to break free from this. It's like being in a coma, and stuck, unable to bring myself out of unconsciousness.

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wishing well


It's amazing how, when with the right company, one can feel okay. Without some substance to augment reality.

Thank you, dear friend, for being one of the few people (if not the Only one), who can accomplish this, without even trying. And thank you for always being there when I needed you most.

I am blessed. "I feel Infinite."


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wishing well


You've become the embodiment of my emotional pain, when I wanted you to be the embodiment of my Love. This is how you haunt me...
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Just to make things clear...

I find praise for my mother, to be more religious and spiritual and pure than the worship of any deity or concept.

I know God exists because of the love I find in that of a mother for her child.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah!!!

Thank you, God, for this wonderful, turbulent, awe-inspiring, life.


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