Ruby $t@rbuxxx (hungryboy5000) wrote,
Ruby $t@rbuxxx

Poem for feeling better

Once upon a time, I came upon a dream. In endless hallways, with pictures of a scene, on the walls... of flowers and pretty girls in dresses, foraging in a forest. It was night, and the halls were lit by the moon, shining pale blueish white, through the windows of the stone walls. The scenes glowed, just barely in that pale moon light, and, in silence, animals came to life! Birds flew by, over the children's heads, and deer came out, if only to be fed. Squirrels chased each other, up, down, and all around the trees, and the fruits of the children's labor was enjoyed by all. The scene was set in late Summer, or early Fall. As the moon slowly shifted across the sky, the light from the windows moved away... the scene got darker, and the animals left, and the children went back to their places and slept. The scene, now just barely visible in the night, disappeared, and then I took flight.
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