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money ≠ Speech

Money can't be speech because speech is a freely available action of the voice, which is expressed in the throat, or within the body, of a person. Money does not magically appear, and it certainly does not come from within the body of a human, let alone any other animal. What is the Voice of money? What is the Voice box of money? From what Throat does money come from? From whence does money come into existence?
How does the human body express money? The Voice uses no resources other than air and chemically derived energy to move the air in and out of the lungs, and through the voice box to create Speech. If money were speech, would it not also be available on demand, at any time you needed it, supposing you had enough air, and energy to use your diaphragm? YET, it is not available on demand. There is a finite amount of money, and if money is Speech, then the Rich seem to be Suffocating the People, to Silence the People by taking away all their money.
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